The PetTech Dog Training Collar

Product Name:The PetTech Dog Training Collar
Product Type:Electronic Training Collar
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The PetTech Dog Training Collar (Model PT0Z1)

The PetTech Dog Training Collar is one of the most popular electronic dog training collars on the market. It is inexpensive (but not bottom of the range) and has all of the features that you are likely to be looking for in a dog training collar.

The PetTech Dog Training Collar is suitable for use by individual pet owners and professional dog trainers.

The PetTech Dog Training Collar can be used to correct a number of dog behavioural problems. The collar can be used to help control barking, aggression and general obedience issues. The PetTech Dog Training Collar is an ideal aid when training a dog to respond to commands such as walk to heel, sit and stay. It is suitable for anyone who simply wants to train a pet dog but can also be used successfully for training working dogs.

There are two sets of probes supplied with the collar. There is a set of standard length probes for short haired dogs and a longer set for dogs with denser coats. The working range of the PetTech collar is 1200 feet.

The PetTech Dog Training Collar and hand held control are both fully waterproof. The control unit has a backlit LCD screen that is suitable for both day and night use. The controller and collar are fitted with long life rapid charging Lithium Ion Batteries.

The PetTech Dog Training Collar has four operational modes. It can be set for light, sound, vibrate or shock. The sound, shock and vibrate modes can be set on a scale that ranges from 1 to 100 which allows the operator to set the device very accurately to suit the needs of individual dogs.

In reality the ‘light mode’ is not of any real use with regard to training your dog as it does only switch on a light on the collar. It can however be useful if you are out at night with your dog and cannot see where he has gone. Flashing the light on could help you to locate your animal.

The sound, vibrate and shock modes are the functions that you are actually going to be using to train your dog.

Many users of the PetTech Dog Training Collar find that they are able to get the results they are trying to achieve by using the sound and vibrate functions only.

If you do need to use the shock function it is essential that you choose the lowest setting that is effective in order to avoid distressing your dog more than necessary.

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When you take delivery of your PetTech Dog Training Collar the first think you will need to do is synchronize the collar with the remote. This is extremely easy and only takes a few seconds.

The PetTech Dog Training Collar is suitable for all sizes of dog within the 10lbs-100lbs weight range.

Reasons to Use The PetTech Dog Training Collar

  • Correct dog behavioural problems.
  • General obedience training
  • Correct distraction problems in your dog
  • Teach your dog to walk to heel
  • Teach correct behaviour when with other dogs

Main Features of The PetTech Dog Training Collar

  • Can be used with any breed of dog
  • Can be used on any dog between 10lbs and 100lbs of weight
  • has a 1200 foot operating range
  • fully waterproof
  • Has 4 operating modes
  • Intensity settings from 1 to 100
  • Supplied with 2 sets of electrodes

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