The Petsafe Training Collar – Yard and Park Trainer

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The Petsafe Training Collar – Yard and Park Trainer

The Petsafe Training Collar is designed to allow you to train your dog without having to use a leash.

The Petsafe Dog Training Collar is an aid to obedience training. It can also be used to retrain a dog that has a tendency to misbehave or simply chooses to ignore the commands you are giving.

The Petsafe Dog Training Collar is particularly effective in correcting a number of behavioural problems.

The Petsafe Training Collar can be used with dogs of any breed that weigh eight pound or above with a neck size that does not exceed 28 inches. The Training Collar has an effective range of up to 400 yards. This is ideal if you wish to train your dog in the local park or whilst walking.

The collar itself is made from a durable nylon material. It is adjustable and designed to be comfortable when worn.

The Petsafe Training Collar is completely waterproof up to a depth of 5 feet which should be sufficient for any of your dogs outside activities. The control unit is also waterproof.

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Both the collar and the controller are fitted with fully rechargeable (replaceable) batteries.

The Petsafe Trainer Collar features 8 adjustable static correction levels. The collar has removable probes which are approximately 12mm in length. If you have a dog with a particularly dense coat there are longer probes available for a small additional cost.

The transmitter can be used for continuous correction and has 2 different tones which enables it to be used for both positive and negative training. It is also possible to use the buttons to boost stimulation and then follow this with a tone.

The Petsafe Yard and Park Trainer is an upgradeable system. By purchasing additional collars you are able to use your remote to control up to 3 dogs simultaneously.

What can the Petsafe Dog Training Collar be used for?

  • Teaching your dog to come when called
  • Teach your dog not to bolt when it sees a distraction
  • Stop your dog from jumping up and becoming over excited
  • Teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling
  • Correct most behavioural problems

The Petsafe Training Collar Main Features

  • Has a working range of 400 yards
  • Can be used on any dog weighing over 8 lbs
  • Can be used on any dog with a neck size up to 28 inches
  • Sender and receiver units are waterproof
  • Upgradeable for use with up to 3 dogs#

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