Electronic Dog Trainers / Obedience Training Aids

Remote Electronic Dog Trainers / Training Aids

Everyone wants their dog to be well behaved and obey the commands they give them. It can take a lot of work and determination to get your pet to the obedience level you are looking for.

Training a dog can be a long and painful process and a lot of people simply give up without making any real progress.

In truth most people do not actually require their dog to be particularly highly trained. They simply want them to respond to a few basic commands. They just want their dog to come when called, sit when asked to do so and act in a civil manner when confronted with another dog or cat. That’s not too much to ask surely.

If you are struggling to train your dog or simply want to overcome some behavioural problems there is a course of action you can take!

There are a huge range of Remote Electronic Dog Trainers on the market designed specifically to help you to train your dog quickly and easily.

What is a Remote Electronic Dog Trainer?

A remote Electronic Dog Trainer is a device (generally a collar) that is battery operated and designed to help reinforce the verbal commands you give to your dog.

These collars are sometimes referred to as ‘shock collars’. This can be a somewhat misleading term.

Many of the Remote Electronic Dog Trainer Collars can be used in a variety of ways.

They do have a ‘shock function’ which does give a minor electric shock to the dog. The idea however is to use a setting that is sufficient to get the dogs attention without doing any physical harm or causing undue pain. It is simply used as a negative stimulus to focus the dogs attention on the commands you are giving as opposed to the distraction.

Some of the Remote Electronic Dog Trainers also have a ‘vibration mode’ as well as the shock function built in. This gives the user the option to simply gain their dog’s attention by setting up a vibration in the collar rather than applying a mild shock. In a lot of dogs this is all that is required.

A number of Electronic Dog Collars also have a ‘beep mode’ When this is used the collar merely emits a beep in order to gain the dog’s attention.

How long will it take to Train my Dog Using a Remote Electronic Dog Trainer?

The time that it will take to train your dog using a Remote Electronic Dog Trainer Collar will vary from owner to owner. Even using the collar you will have to put in some effort yourself in order to get results.

By using an Electronic Dog Collar however you should see results much quicker than you would by trying to train your pet without the collar. Certainly if you have a dog with severe behavioural problems you may find that a Remote Electronic Dog Trainer may be the only method that will work for you.

Ideally once you have begun to see improvements in your dog’s behaviour you should consider trying to complete the training without the collar.

If you are using the collar in ‘shock mode’ you will find that you will gradually be able to reduce the severity of the ‘shock’ as training progresses until the collar is not needed at all.

Using a Remote Electronic Dog Trainer is not a solution that will suit everyone. At the end of the day you have to decide if it is, or is not, something worth considering.

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